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Okay, Paul:

✔ I'm a coach, consultant, or expert.

✔ That needs your help.

✔ Please: grow my sales

✔ With clients who love me.

✔ I want you to do it all:

✔ Bots, gamification, text, integrations, scripts,

✔ So I can stick a dollar in...

✔ And make multiples back!

✔ Ive got a budget.

✔ I have watched the video above

✔ And I wanna know more.

If all that's true go ahead and book a call

The Results...
$293,000 launch in 4 days Using 
$121,000 for a non profit with only $150 in ads
Doubled show up rates on webinars to 80%
Turn prospects into raving fans with 
Got Results From Their Webinar In The First Hour of Going Live
$121,000 in 14 days through one bot campaign for a non profit
fergal Doubled His conversion rate in under 30 minutes from one bot
William got over 500 targeted leads for free from one bot
Bridesmaid Dress Business got Over 1000 subscribers in a month turn into $16,000 in sales from one bot
Cost per click to webinar registration Page $0.04!
Our clients customers love it too! (making dreams happen)
This challenge kept me engaged the whole time. I feel a million times more ready than i ever have before
You ran the best challenge I have ever seen
82% webinar optin

4600+ Comments 232 shares Organically
79% gave their phone number
$0.06 per click with a 26% CTR! 
Waaaayy better than anything I have ever seen through email Marketing!
Clients, customers love it!
Never seen anything like it in my entire life

Completely blown away!
Do you want your customers wow'd?
You clearly care about what happens during launch.

We show up and get results
Made $3500 after 1 Training
 Asked Who Is The Best at Building Bots In Click Funnels Group
Who is a Bit Genius
(Authentic Spelling Mistake)
One of the most brilliant marketing minds In the digital Marketing Space
80% Show Up Rate On A Webinar
100% open rate on a 5 day challenge
93% CTR in e-com
Optin Rate has Grown By Over 400%
C-Com Is Fun Too!
29 people in the bot Funnel=$597 
Incredible Strategy Call
Less Than $0.30 for conversion link clicks
Familiar Faces That We Have Built C-Com Experiences for
John Lee dumas
EOFire Podcast Host / 1,000,000+ Monthly Listeners/ #1 KBB Affiliate
Akbar Sheikh
7 Figure Coach/Copyrighter/TEDX speaker/ Make more Give more Movement
Rachel Pedersen
7 Figure Social Media Boss / Two Comma Club
Rachel Miller
7 Figure Social Media Marketer / Manychat Conference Speaker
Marley Baird
Youtube Video Expert / 10x Stephen Larsen's View Time
Ryan Margolin
8 Figure Award Winner/ Multimillionare
Kim Barrett
7 Figure Sales Business/ Closed $600,000 in less than a week from cold calling
Travis Chappell
Host of Build My Network Podcast/ Interviewed Some of The Biggest Names Including Grant Cardone
Kevin Steven
Worked on sales teams with over $1Billon in transaction / Ran 75 person team
Becky Thames
Amazon Queen / Done multimillions on Amazon
Screw The 9 to 5
Major Affiliates who Regularly do 6 figure launches / Hosting Live Event with Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore and Pat Flynn.
'Doubled optin and show up rates on my webinar To 80%+'
Dominque Brown
'If it keeps at this rate it will give us £150,000 on our bottom line at the end of the year'
Martin Nanda
'Brought in over 50 people into our restaurant in the first week of working together'
Vid Patel
'Automated my booking system through messenger'
Helen Stones
'I learnt how to speak to my audience through messenger bots'
Felix thea
'Anyone who is struggling should speak to paul'
Diana Burgos
I now have the confidence to use bots
Allyssa Landis LaScala
I can now keep up with tracking all my leads and never miss a sale
David Holland

You Are Probably Asking:

"How much is the investment?"

We charge a fair one-time fee.  

But don't run to the hills just yet:

If you can’t afford it you can talk to our team about breaking it up over a couple of easily-affordable monthly instalments.

From there, all you'll need is a starting budget for Facebook ads. We recommend $40 a day to start.

All in all, the idea is, for every dollar you put in, you get two, three, seven, even ten back.  

So a better question might be: can you afford not to make this investment?


Cuz, truth is: you’ll never do big numbers without leverage; and you can’t get leverage without investing capital.

Unless you wanna hustle 24/7, creating content, organically:

Working the night shift, the grave yard shift, the every shift that's going shift.

Thats just the facts.

"How fast will I see results?"

As soon as you plug in your new done-for-you C-COM funnel, you’ll start getting action.

First, likes on your Facebook ad. Then comments. Then email leads. Then calendar bookings. Then buyers (you gotta close them though).

And just think:

All of this could happen on day ONE of you going live. That’s the beauty of paid ads.

Of course, your daily spend and closing ability will be the key ingredient.


Don’t get me wrong: this is not some sketchy get rich quick scheme.  

Just world-class marketing, plus a smart, scalable system, plus positioning that makes working with you seem irresistible.

Cool thing is, not only does this kick-in almost instantly, it works over and over again.

My mom always used to say do what you are good at.

And we are good at getting you results.

“What type of results can I expect?”

You charge $3k.

And you spend $3k on Facebook ads.

And pay $10 for a messenger subscriber

So you'll get 300 subscriber for that ad spend.


And assume 50% of 'em watch your entire video you take them to

And at the end of that video, you ask them to book a call.

That’s 150 people.

Say 20% take you up on it.

That's 30 calls scheduled.

And Steve the sales guy?

Does his job

He closes at a respectable 20%.

Resulting in six sales.

Two pay in full.

There's $6,000.

Two do two-payments

($1,750 x 2, for a little interest.)

So another $7,000 collected.

And Charlie Cheapskate does four-payments.

($1k x 4, for a little more interest.)


Another $1k collected up front.


$10,500 in your pocket.

Right now.

Plus another $6,500 coming your way.

The great thing

You had pay plan buyers sign a contract with.


In a perfect world?

That $3k in ads?

Turns into $17,000 in revenue.

Toss Steve his 15% in commissions.

Take your $3k out for the ads

And, when the dust settles?

You're left with $11450.

Not bad, huh?

And even if no rebills come through?

You still turned one dollar into four!

And even if you halved these already-modest numbers?

You're doubling your money!

Again, that's with zero rebills.

AND you are doing twice as bad as I'd expect anyone to do.

Using a C-COM funnel we made.


That's easily a worst case scenario.

But where it gets exciting?

Is when you consider average or best case scenarios.

And plug in some better numbers.

Maybe you charge $4k.

And get $7 leads.

Your bot brings people back to the video

And 60% watch the entire video.

And 23% book a call.

And Steve is crushing it.

He’s like terminator on a zoom call.

The numbers get real stupid real quick.

Now you're happier than Kim Kardashian at a botox clinic

Aren't ya?

So the question is:

Can you afford not to have one of these?


Okay then: